La mer de Chine méridionale, une construction intellectuelle ?

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La mer de Chine méridionale, une construction intellectuelle ?

Message par Robert Lavigue le Ven 22 Déc - 14:17

The Mid-Qing Construction of the South China Sea
Wensheng Wang


Over the past several decades, maritime studies have become one of the most dynamic areas of research in world history. This maritime turn has been especially apparent in Asian studies, which is partly energized by China's recent aspirations to reclaim its historical importance as a great naval power (like the early Ming) and by its newly unveiled transcontinental project called "the 21st Century Maritime Silk Route." The South China Sea, in particular, has become "one of the most 'watched' spaces on the planet" due to its vital, growing role in global maritime commerce as well as its rich natural resources and renewed geopolitical significance.1 Altogether, they have contributed directly to China's simmering territorial disputes with the littoral countries in this area and indirectly to the growing tensions with the United States. To gain a better understanding of China's troubled relationship with the oceanic space, it is helpful to turn to a historical perspective by examining the contested construction of the South China Sea in the mid-Qing dynasty.
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